Copyright © 2012– The Veteran Connection is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) public Non-Profit Organization. The Veteran Connection is not a government agency and we rely solely on the generous donations of individuals, corporations, and foundations who support our veterans and honor their service to our country. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Founder Sponsor Program

TVC is offering to a total of 5 corporate sponsors multiple levels of commercial participation that include category exclusivity for three years as well as lifetime recognition as a TVC founding partner. A one-time fee secures featured consideration in not only all TVC marketing/merchandising activity, but proactive use of TVC’s own medium, The Veterans Connection Channel.

Premium Sponsor Program

A PREMIUM SPONSORSHIP is specific to a particular “program” featured by TVC. These programs are pre-determined to have specific, incremental value for TVC Members as well as represent incremental revenue generating potential. Three such programs are planned as part of the launch of TVC.

Select Sponsor Program

The SELECT SPONSOR program is designed to enable virtually any company seeking to demonstrate their support for Veterans as well as take advantage of the direct marketing efficiency/benefit afforded by the TVC and TVCC proprietary access to a quantifiable audience. This sponsorship is available in two levels – an all-cash paid sponsorship or a part cash and part good(s)/service(s) design by which TVC can generate revenue for Veterans through the direct sale of goods/services.

Event Specific Sponsor Program

TVC plans a minimum of one “special event” designed as a specific fund-raising activity for TVC Veteran assistance. Each special event will feature a Title Sponsor, the primary benefit being said sponsor’s brand permanently affixed to this event whether “live” … “delayed live” … and/or “archived” viewer access. The Sponsorship Fee for each event will be determined individually based on the forecasted scale of the event. There is a minimum fee for any event Title Sponsor position, the details of which are addressed with any serious interest prospect.

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Our national Veteran community totals 22.7 million; over 7 million of which served in Iraq I and II and Afghanistan. The reality of at least one in every five US adults has a family member or friend who is a Veteran translates to extraordinary consumer market potential. This potential is for both TVC and for US businesses, large and small, seeking to assist Veterans in appreciation for their service to our country.


TVC believes business support of our Veterans is more than smart PR. Managed correctly, this relationship offers distinct commercial benefit to participating businesses while simultaneously benefitting our Veterans. This reality is the foundation of TVC’s multi-level Corporate Sponsorship program … enabling participation that is both affordable and commercially successful. Highlights of this Program are reflected below. But, for interested businesses, please contact TVC via:










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