Your donations are going to the following:
  • Sponsor a Vet / service dog
  • Build out Programs for each of the 4 phases
  • Design and maintain a mobile app (Veteran Community and Mental Wellness mobile app)
  • TVC product / service validation & certification program (Coming in 2024)
  • Events - Raising awareness and providing additional connection and resources for Veterans at these events. 


Below are three of the problems we are working to solve: Your donation will make a difference
average price of a service dog
Veteran suicides a day
calls to Veteran suicide hotline in 2020 

additional ways to donate

Additional Ways to Donate

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Would you like to benefit a great cause and at the same time get rid of the clutter in your basement or garage? Would your company like to donate items for an auction? Donate to The Veteran Connection (TVC) upcoming charity auction, where the proceeds will go to benefit the great Veterans of our country. To donate, please email us at and a member of The Veteran Connection (TVC) will contact you.
ESTABLISH EMPLOYEE GIVING DRIVES A great way to raise awareness for The Veteran Connection (TVC) and engage your employees in our mission to honor and empower our Veterans is to develop giving drives. Examples include: Casual Friday Holiday, giving drives, Departmental competitions, Office parties to benefit The Veteran Connection (TVC) etc. For more information, contact

PAYROLL DEDUCTION The Veteran Connection (TVC) can be designated as the beneficiary of your payroll deduction contributions at your place of employment. Please inquire within your company for more details as each company’s procedure is different.

MATCHING GIFTS Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Check with your human resource department to find out if you work for a company who matches charitable contributions.

CORPORATE FOUNDATION If you are part of an established corporate, private, or family foundation, you can join other generous grantors and provide support for The Veteran Connection (TVC). For more information, contact

MAKE A DONATION You can support The Veteran Connection (TVC) through a one-time or monthly donation.
By donating a week of time at your timeshare or vacation home you help send a Veteran and his family on a trip to rebuild and strengthen their family bond.
One option for giving to The Veteran Connection (TVC) is long-term securities (held for over one year.) If you wish to donate in this manner, please keep a few things in mind: You may be eligible to save taxes through BOTH Income and Capital Gains tax. Stock subject to a cash merger or tender offer may be subject to Capital Gains tax despite being transferred to The Veteran Connection (TVC) before the merger or offer. We advise you to consult with a financial adviser before making a securities donation. If you wish to donate stock, please email and a member of The Veteran Connection (TVC) will contact you.
One way to ensure The Veteran Connection (TVC) carries on for posterity is planned giving through your Will or Estate. To do this, all you have to do is select a specific dollar amount or designate a percentage of your Estate after other disbursements. A bequest in your Will or Estate allows you to not only pledge your support now, but it lets your gift do good beyond your life. If you wish to pursue giving to The Veteran Connection (TVC) through your Will or Estate, please email and a member of The Veteran Connection will contact you.
By donating frequent flyers miles or hotel rewards points you help send a Veteran and his family on a trip to rebuild and strengthen their family bond.

Tax Deductions

Charitable contribution is the portion of your donation or purchase that may be tax deductible.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by governing laws.

Donors within the United States of America should check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication 526 and publication 1771 and/or their tax advisor for further details.

Donors outside of the United States of America should review local laws and regulations for details.

All charges are made in US dollars. All exchange rates are set by the issuing card company and/or bank.